Are meals included in the tour price?

For the majority of our trips meals are included in the price, we can adjust based on each individual group and their needs.

What type of motor coaches do you use?

We charter deluxe motorcoaches with climate control, reclining seats, DVD, and restrooms. All of our bus companies comply with USDOT regulations.

When is the best time to start organizing an educational tour?

It is best to start organizing your trip 7-9 months in advance to ensure that you will be able to experience exactly what you envision for the tour.

At what time of year are your educational tours?

Majority of the trips occur from March-June, however we offer trips 12 months out of the year.

What is the ideal number of students to bring on an educational tour?

The minimum number of passengers that we normally allow is 30, give or take a few. We suggest trying to fill the motor coach as much as possible. Most of the motor coaches that we will be using will hold 55 passengers. Multiple-motorcoach trips are possible and common.

As the trip organizer at the school, will my trip be free?

Yes, we will also offer more chaperone incentives that you can see below.

Will a tour manager be provided during the trip?

Yes, we can provide a tour manager or local tour guide upon the groups request.

Is night security provided at the hotel?

Yes, we can provide night security at the hotel based on request from the school.

What chaperone perks does our company offer?

We offer a 1:10 ratio for free chaperone trips per 10 paying passengers. A  $400 stipend for emergency use on your trip or to apply towards the total trip cost. As well as a $400 finders fee for any new trip that you bring to our attention. If your current company offers something better then just ask.

Is pricing all inclusive?

Yes, the majority of our trips you will only need money for souvenirs, unless stated by the school.

When are deposits due your trip?

Approximately 5-7 months from the trip date. Refer to your school for a specific due date.

When is final payment due?

Typically the final payment is due 2 months from your trip date.